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Download Blog Riffer/Lite: a free version that includes only the feed reader, but no publishing or sharing capabilities (free registration required).

 Blogging Multi-Tool 

Blog Riffer is a fully integrated RSS Feed Reader, Curation, Blogging, Tweeting and Social Sharing Tool

Blog More Often, Get More Traffic

Read about how I went from blogging twice a month to five times a week, and what happened to my blog's traffic when I did.

Blogging Doesn't Have To Be a Pain

If you've tried blogging every day, you've felt the pain. But it doesn't have to be that way. Read about how Blog Riffer gives you the gain without the pain.

Get More Backlinks with Better Anchor Text

Read about Blog Riffer helps you get more backlinks from other blogs, and how it gives you control of the anchor text.

Blog Riffer comes in Sharing, Full, and Workgroup versions.

Choose the version that's right for you

* No monthly fees *
* Unlimited content sources *
* Unlimited blogs & Twitter accounts *

Blog Riffer is not one of those spammy auto-blogging tools. It's a time-saving tool for real bloggers like you. Discover ideas to write about, create, and post original content, faster and easier, all in one place. It also does lighter-weight content discovery and curation, and supports tweet scheduling and social network sharing.

 Free Blogging eBook 

Download my blogging and SEO eBook, and discover my blogging process and a business model that works with it. Choose either format:

PDF | Mobipocket/Kindle

Praise from Dr. Mani:

"Antone, I was intrigued by the link to the ebook in your signature. So I downloaded and read "How To Build an SEO Content Factory" and learned a very nice system for content curation... thank you very much for giving that away as a free ebook."

-- Dr. Mani
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