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Blog More Often, get More Links & More Traffic
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My blog's traffic is up by 236%!

I created Blog Riffer for myself, because I had trouble keeping my own blogs active. I've gone from posting an average of twice a month to posting every weekday.

Some days, I have to save posts for later to avoid posting too often (which is nice for those days when I'm too swamped to write a new post).

-- Antone Roundy

Dear Blogger,

Hi. I'm Antone Roundy. Let me tell you how I went from being a stuggling, occasional blogger to writing original content for my blog every day.

I used to blog only twice a month

It's not that I didn't want to blog more -- it was just hard to do. Like most bloggers, I just ran out of things to say.

Everyone knows that most blogs dry up and die shortly after they're started.

No matter how excited you are about your blog in the beginning, no matter how committed you are to posting every single day, eventually you've written about all the great ideas you started off with.

So then what? You've got two main problems to solve:

  • You've got to find inspiration for more things to write about.
  • You've got to find an easy way to transfer those ideas from wherever you found them into your blog.

Fail to solve the first, and you've got nothing. Fail to solve the second and unless you're really committed, you'll find excuses for doing it later (which usually means never).

Here's how I solved these problems and got more backlinks and comments on my blog in the process.

I used to struggle to post even 5 times a month, and completely skipped many months. Then I created a tool to help me solve the two problems I mentioned above. Since then, I've only skipped a handful of weekdays (mostly holidays).

And all of the posts are original content -- not PLR, auto-translations, "spun" articles, or any of the other sorts of junk you get with other systems.

Here's what blogging more often has done for my traffic -- I'm getting about 236% the number of pageviews. And my worst weeks now are better than my best traffic spikes used to be:

How does the tool I created help keep your blog active?

The tool is called "Blog Riffer". It knocks down both of the big speed bumps that kill most blogs:

  • It gathers your sources of inspiration into one place. Use Blog Riffer to subscribe to any blog, news site, search site, social networking site, etc. that publishes an RSS feed (which is most of them). It'll keep an eye on them and show you whenever something new gets added.
  • When you see something you'd like to blog about, you can bookmark it for later, or with the click of a button, start writing a post for your blog (WordPress or, Twitter, Posterous or Tumblr*. Blog Riffer will even grab a quote from whatever you're writing about to get you started. When you're done writing, click another button to publish -- all without ever leaving Blog Riffer.

Blog Riffing, and how it gets you more links and comments

The method I just described of writing blog posts based on quotes borrowed from other people's blogs is called "Blog Riffing". You grab something from another blog and "riff on it" (ie. add your thoughts). It's sort of like "curation", which is all the rage these days, except that you add more original value.

Blog Riffing gets you links because when you publish a post that links to someone else's blog, your blog automatically sends a "pingback" to their blog. Many blogs automatically display a link back to blogs that ping them in their comments section.

Read what a few of my readers and Blog Riffer users had to say about Blog Riffing.

Also, when the other blogger sees that you've linked to them, they'll sometimes visit your blog and post a comment (this happens to me all the time). And sometimes they'll tweet a link to your post.

Even better, sometimes they'll give you a "Riffback" -- they'll return the favor by grabbing a quote from your blog and riffing on it on theirs.

More links. More comments. And better relationships with other bloggers. All by making a small change in how you blog.

If you're ready to start blogging more consistenly with less effort and stress, to start building a bigger subscriber base, to start building a relationship with your subscribers by being a regular part of their day, Blog Riffer is for you. It sure has done wonders for my blog.

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* More services to be added later. When new plugins are released, existing customers will receive them for free.