Write a blog post based on an idea from Seth Godin, and you could win a free copy of SEO Content Factory, plus first-winner bragging rights and the right to display the winner badge on your post.

How to Enter:

  • Read this post by Seth Godin (all entries must be based on this post).
  • Write a Blog Riff on it -- ie. quote a brief section of it on your blog, and publish a post based on the quote.
  • Be sure to give proper credit for the quote -- ie. link to Seth's post from yours.
  • Don't just regurgitate or rephrase what Seth said -- your post should be primarily composed of your own original thoughts, research, etc.
  • On Twitter, tweet a link to your post. In the tweet, include the following: "#RiffOn @ThisIsSethsBlog" (we'll find your contest entry by searching for tweets contains the hash tag "#RiffOn".)

If you'd like to see a few examples of how to write a Blog Riff, visit my blog (White Hat Crew). Over half of my blog posts are usually Blog Riffs, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding several posts containing quotes marked with the Blog Riffers icon.


Don't wait too long: the deadline for tweeting a link to your blog post is noon US Central time this Wednesday, (September 21, 2011). Here's a countdown timer to make it easier to tell how much time you've got left if you're in a different time zone:


Once all the entries are in, I'll read them all and announce a winner here on the blog. The winner will get a free copy of SEO Content Factory (if the winner already has SEO Content Factory, we'll work out something else.)

Reader Comment:
Antone Roundy said:
If the countdown timer was off by 5 hours when you checked in the past, it's because WordPress sometimes overrides PHP's timezone settings, and sometimes leaves them as they are. I don't know why it's inconsistent...but it is. Anyway, I believe I've ...
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Of course, everybody should get a good blog post for their efforts, so everybody wins. Plus, I'll link to some of the best articles from the post that announces the winner.

Future Contests

I'd love to have Riff On contests like this running constantly. For future contests, it'd be good to base them on posts from a variety of niches -- not just marketing. If you know of a good article -- one that talks about an interesting idea, but leaves plenty of room for other bloggers to add more information and go off in another direction with something it mentions -- let me know.

Also, if you'd like to "sponsor" a Riff On by providing a prize for the winner, let me know. It'd be good to match prizes to the niche of the source article.

To be notified about future contests, use the form in the header of this page to subscribe to this blog.

Two Final Requests

First, don't think that you can't win. Especially this first time, there's no telling whether you'll have much competition (though I'll do my best to make sure you do! :-). So go for it!

And second, please spread the word about the contest! Let's have some fun with it -- see how many blog posts we can generate -- see if we can get Seth's attention -- etc.

Good luck!