The other day on my marketing blog, I ended one of my posts with an invitation to join a "Critical Mass Blogging Team". Here's an excerpt:

What I’d like to do is start organizing some Critical Mass Teams for Blog Riffing, commenting, and guest blogging — groups of bloggers of related topics and similar skill levels who make a commitment to Riff and comment on each others’ blogs regularly, and guest post occasionally.

The teams need not be large — again, it’s not always about enlisting the whole world — just enough to form a stable, critical mass. Enough that the group is producing good ideas to Riff on, and that it doesn’t just look like two or three buddies sharing their own little world. (Part of the point of having teams is to give all the members social proof by showing that they’re part of a meaningful group — not just lone bloggers.)

If you’re interested in being involved, even if not as part of my Critical Mass Team, let me know. If you have access to my blog network, list your blog(s) there, and also be sure to add a contact link (and preferably, a Gravatar) to your profile, so that people who find your blog there will be able to contact you easily.

I’d also be happy to provide feedback to people who are trying out Blog Riffing, but may not feel like they’ve entirely worked out how to add the value to really make their posts their own.

Read the original post for background on the term "Critical Mass".

Starting now, this site is where I'll be doing my blogging about blogging -- which will be more frequent. White Hat Crew will remain my marketing blog. Critical Mass Teams are one of the first things I"ll be focusing on here.

If you're interested in getting involved, use the "Contact" link at the top of the page, or the comments section below, to let me know. I'll update you once things start getting more organized.

Reader Comment:
Antone Roundy said:
Critical Mass Blogging Teams are now live at - let the rising tide begin lifting boats...
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