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Blog Riffing

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We Are Blog Riffers

We consciously seek win-win relationships by Riffing on each others' posts (ie. borrowing a quote and using it as the seed for an original post of our own). We give proper credit by linking to the posts we Riff on. When someone Riffs on our posts:

  • ...we give pingback links.
  • ...we check their blogs for good posts to Riff on in return (a.k.a. "Riffback").

Read more about Blog Riffing on my other blog.

The Riff-On Contest: Blogging for Bragging Rights!

With a post and tweet, win the right to plaster this badge all over one of your blog posts (plus, have some fun, write some good content for your blog, make some connections...and win other prizes).

Enter our regular Blog Riffing contests. We'll pick a post from some blog, and everybody will grab a quote from it and use it as the seed for a post on their own blog. A day or two later, we'll pick the best post as the winner.

Get in on the contest early, while there's less competition, and win the right to show our badge on your winning post forever.

More information.

Check out the response I got when I introduced the Blog Riffing method.

From the Blog:

Blogging Pain vs. Blogging Gain
They say "no pain, no gain". But does that apply to blogging? Let's talk about a kind of blogging that promises gains without pain: auto-blogging. The promise of auto-blogging is that you can set up a fully-automated tool to duplicate, spin, or ...
Join a Critical Mass Blogging Team
The other day on my marketing blog, I ended one of my posts with an invitation to join a "Critical Mass Blogging Team". Here's an excerpt: What I’d like to do is start organizing some Critical Mass Teams for Blog Riffing, commenting, and guest bl...
Riff-On Contest #3: Win a Free Copy of ExPop
It's Monday morning, and that means it's time to start another Riff-On blogging contest. This week, the prize is a free copy of my "unblockable exit popup" script, ExPop. Since ExPop is used to grab the attention of people who are about to leave ...
We Have a Winner!
Claude Fullinfaw has posted a nice Riff on Terry Dean's article: How Influence And Win Customers Everyday In Your Business. Notice how Claude quotes a brief section about case studies, and then writes in detail about how he has used case studies ...