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Blog Riffing

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About Blog Riffers

Blog Riffers was started by Antone Roundy in 2010 (after Blog Riffing helped him go from twice-a-month blogger to daily blogger) to help other bloggers capture the vision of what Blog Riffing can do for them.

Blog Riffing isn't a new idea -- it's been done since the beginning of blogging. But to help the idea stick and grow -- to help bloggers remember to use it when they need to come up with something to write, Antone figured it could use a name. And whenever an internet marketer names something, checking domain name availability and building a website for it is the natural next step :-)

Since then, as others have expressed enthusiasm for the idea, Antone has been inspired to add on to the site. The next additions will be a Blog Riffers blog and Blog Riffing competition (and there's more in the works after that).

Stay tuned, and keep on Riffing!