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Blog Riffing

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Frequently Asked Questions

"What's a Blog Riff? A Riffback?"

A Blog Riff (or just "Riff") is a blog post created by grabbing a quote from someone else's blog and exploring the idea further (ie. "riffing on it").

A Riff always links back to the original post.

A Riffback is a Riff that returns the favor -- ie., it's a Riff on a post by someone who's written a Riff on one of your posts. It can be a response to the Riff itself, to continue the conversation. Or it can be a Riff on a different post, to return the favor and build the relationship.

"How much does it cost?"

The short answer: nothing.

The long answer: how ever much you want to spend on blogging tools. Nothing more is required for Blog Riffing than for any other blogging method. But there are tools like Blog Riffer that are specifically designed to make it easier.

"Should I go deep or wide?"

Should you Riff on a few blogs over and over (deep) or Riff on as many blogs as possible (wide)?

Both! Wide is good because it interlinks you with more blogs, which is good for organic traffic and SEO. Deep is good because:

  1. ...the relationships you build can expand to more than just Blog Riffing.
  2. someone mentions you often on their blog, you'll gain more credibility with their readers than with a single Riffback.

"What Does the Blog Riffers Logo Represent?"

The Blog Riffers logo is derived from the RSS icon:

The logo resprents two blogs publishing and interacting with each others RSS feeds. Of course, RSS isn't required to Blog Riff, but an RSS reader can be useful.

It also represents a happy blogger.

"Won't I lose PageRank by linking to other blogs?"

One the one hand, maybe a teeny weenie bit. But if you're asking this question, you're worrying about that too much. (See this article too.)

On the other hand, you'll be getting backlinks too, so your PageRank may actually increase.

Before you decide what to do, be sure to consider all the benefits of Blog Riffing. You'll see that it's well worth it.