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Blog Riffing

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"How Do I Get Involved?"

The Blog Riffing community is free and open to all. To "join", all you have to do is participate. Here's how to get involved and help the community grow:

  1. Do some Blog Riffing.
  2. Give Riffbacks. When you get a pingback from another blog, check it for the Blog Riffers badge. If you find it, make a little extra effort to give a Riffback.
  3. Spread Riffs & Riffbacks using Twitter. When you post a Riff or Riffback, Tweet about it using the hash tag #blogriff (see this post for a tip on how to get more retweets and responses). When you see a good #blogriff, retweet it (we'll retweet our favorites from our Twitter account).
  4. Use the Facebook, Twitter and Google +1 icons above to share this page.
  5. Help us get to know you better in the Blog Riffers Facebook group.
  6. Use the free Blog Riffers WordPress plugin to place a badge on your blog, and display a "Blog Riff" or "Riffback" image to the left of the quotes you copy from the blogs you're Riffing on.
  7. Use our blog network directory to find blogs to Riff on. The directory isn't technically a part of Blog Riffers -- in fact, it's only open to owners of our product, Blog Riffer (formerly known as "SEO Content Factory"). However, since Blog Riffing is exactly what SEO Content Factory was designed for, there's a good chance the owners of blogs listed there will be Blog Riffers.