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Blog Riffer FAQ

Do I have to install a separate copy of Blog Riffer for each blog I want to post to?

You only need to install Blog Riffer once to publish to all of your blogs and Twitter accounts. When it's time to publish, you'll use a checkbox to select which blog to post to.

Can I use Blog Riffer to do content curation?

Yes. Subscribe to any blogs, blog searches, news searches, etc. that you want to curate from. You'll be able to quickly skim their content and select any you want to post to your blog.

Do I have to add my own comments before posting to my blog?

No, but we strongly recommend doing so. Adding your own comments has a lot of advantages. For example:
  • Get more links to your blog. If you don't add anything unique, people are more likely to link to the blog you're quoting from.
  • Get more subscribers. If you don't add anything unique, some people will subscribe to the blogs you quote from rather than to you.
  • Get better search engine rankings. The search engines are less likely to rank you high if your blog doesn't contain any unique content.

Does Blog Riffer do auto-blogging?

No. Blog Riffer is a tool for real bloggers, not filling the web with duplicate or garbage content.

What are the benefits of using Blog Riffer?

Using Blog Riffer enabled me to go from twice-a-month blogger to daily blogger without having to muster a bunch of willpower to keep going. When I did that, my blog's traffic more than doubled almost instantly.

A few ways that Blog Riffer makes it easier to blog regularly include:
  • It brings all your sources of inspiration into one place so that you can easily skim them to get ideas.
  • When you read something that sparks an idea to write about, it makes it easier to start writing.
    • You don't have to open your blog editor -- just click a button to display Blog Riffer's editor.
    • You don't have to copy and paste anything you want to quote, the author's name, or a link to the original article.
Those little "speed bumps" that you'd run into every time you came up with something to write about if you weren't using Blog Riffer are enough to stop many people from even getting started -- they kept me from blogging regularly for years, even though I'd wanted to.

Finally, I've noticed that when I read with the intention of finding something to blog about, ideas jump out at me much more often than if I'm just reading for information. Using Blog Riffer helps you get into that mindset.

How can I improve the quality and impact of my blogging?

Here are three suggestions:
  • Do it more often. As with anything, "practice makes perfect."
  • Read the tips in my free eBook, "How to Build and Operate an SEO Content Factory" (download from the Blog Riffer homepage.)
  • Read the tips in my free email course, "High Impact Blog Riffing".