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Blog Riffer is a fully integrated RSS Feed Reader, Curation, Blogging, Tweeting and Social Sharing Tool





Step 1: Get Ideas...

Do you ever have trouble thinking up ideas to blog about? I used to too...
Pain: think them up yourself
You'll find lots of suggestions online, like, "write a top 10 list", "write something controversial", etc. But what's your top 10 list going to be about? What controversial topic are you going to attack? You have to think that up yourself.
Gain: make inspiration come to you
Use Blog Riffer to subscribe to a few good blogs, Twitter searches, YouTube, forums, etc. As you read, look for anything that sparks an idea that you could write about. Over half of my blog posts start this way now. Getting ideas to write about isn't a problem anymore.

Step 2: Create Content...

"Riffing" on other blogs is a great way to get ideas (and make friends, and get backlinks...) if you do it the easy way...
Pain: copy, paste, format, copy, paste...then write
Without Blog Riffer, when you find a quote to write about, you have to copy it, open your blog editor, paste it, format it, go back to the article, copy the link, paste it into your editor, and format it...then finally you can start writing. If you're like I used to be, this tedious process often smothers the idea spark and keeps you from writing.
Gain: highlight, click, write
When you find inspiration in Blog Riffer, just highlight a quote and click a button to have a blog post already started for you. (Having a pre-formatted quote to talk about makes it really easy to get the words flowing.) Add a few comments, or write a full-blown article of your own around it. How much unique content you add is up to you. It's as easy as commenting on someone else's blog, but instead, your blog gets the content!

Step 3: Post to Your Blog...

It's easier to post to all your blogs and Twitter accounts from one place...
Pain: post to one blog
You've got your article written in your blog editor, so publishing it is just a matter of clicking "Publish". Unless you want to post to more than one blog, or tweet a link to your new post, in which case, it's time to start copying and pasting between windows again.
Gain: post to one or more blogs and Twitter accounts
Click a few checkboxes to select a blog or Twitter account and other options, and click "Publish". Use Blog Riffer to post to as many Twitter accounts and WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr blogs as you want. Plus, you can schedule unlimited Tweets for later.

Bonus Activity: Social Sharing...

What's the easiest way to share content on social networks?
Pain: use each site's sharing buttons, or copy and paste
If you just want to share something you found instead of writing a blog post about it, you may be able to use the sharing buttons on the site you're reading (if they have them). Or you can manually copy and paste into Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. But there's an easier way...
Gain: use Blog Riffer's sharing buttons
Blog Riffer makes it easy to share on Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn, because the sharing buttons are built-in. Use the "Try It" link at the top of this page to launch a live demo and experience it yourself. Download my eBook on the right side of this page to discover more ways the "Blog Riffing" method can help your blog.

Blog Riffer comes in Sharing, Full, and Workgroup versions.

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Praise from Dr. Mani:

"Antone, I was intrigued by the link to the ebook in your signature. So I downloaded and read "How To Build an SEO Content Factory" and learned a very nice system for content curation... thank you very much for giving that away as a free ebook."

-- Dr. Mani

The Blog Riffer software is not one of those spammy auto-blogging tools. It's a time-saving tool for real bloggers like you. Discover ideas to write about, create, and post original content, faster and easier, all in one place. It also does lighter-weight content discovery and curation, and supports tweet scheduling and social network sharing.

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