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Filter Plugin for Blog Riffer

Filter is a plugin for the Blog Riffer RSS feed reader/blogging tool. It enables you to filter out unwanted items from the RSS feeds you're subscribed to. When a new item matches your filter settings for the feed, it is immediately marked "read" so that it doesn't appear in the list of new items.

If you perform a search or list all items from a feed, filtered items are listed (so no data is lost if you happen to need it), but you won't be bothered by unwanted items on a day-to-day basis.

For example, if you're subscribed to a Twitter feed that frequently contains Foursquare checkins, and you don't wish to see them, you could filter out "" to hide all checkins by default. Or if you're a regular reader of a blog that publishes a weekly summary post each week (which you don't need to see, because you've already seen all the posts during the week), as long as the summary posts can be clearly identified (for example, by the words "weekly wrap up" in the title), you could filter those out.


Price: $4.97 (single user license)

The Filter plugin is included in Blog Riffer. Owners of Lobster may purchase it separately here.

No monthly fees * Unlimited content sources * Unlimited blogs & Twitter accounts

50-Day No-Risk Guarantee:

If you decide not to keep it, simply within 50 days of purchase for a full refund, no questions asked!


Blog Riffer is a web-based system that you install on your webserver. It requires:

  • PHP 4 or higher
  • MySQL
  •, Tumblr, and tweet scheduling require outbound SSL (HTTPS) support. Download a free test script -- check your server in a few seconds.

Installation service includes:

  • Installation of Blog Riffer & all plugins
  • Cron job setup (to keep feeds up-to-date)
  • Configuration for posting to one blog (you can easily add more later)

You'll find a link on your download page to a form you can use to submit the information we'll need to complete your installation.


License (details/more options) 1 user 1 user 1 server
Total Regular Price of Components: $55.82 $122.61  
Self-Install Package Discount:
Most users choose this option. If you need help, you can order installation service later.
Save 48%
Save 70%
Package discount + installation: $54
Blog Riffer (+)
Blog Riffer (-)

Blog Riffer is a web-based RSS feed reader and sharing tool.

Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn Sharing (+)
Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn Sharing (-)

Sharing buttons for all three sites are displayed at the top of the content area for easy sharing.

Twitter Plugin (+)
Twitter Plugin (-)

The Twitter plugin enables you to post to Twitter from Blog Riffer. You can schedule unlimited future tweets (though there are limits on the number of tweets that can be posted per day).

Blogging Plugins (+)
Blogging Plugins (-)

These plugins enable you to publish to your WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr blogs.

YouTube Plugins (+)
YouTube Plugins (-)

With the YouTube plugins for Blog Riffer and CaRP Evolution, you can subscribe to YouTube videos by username or tag.

Full Content Plugin (+)
Full Content Plugins (-)

The Full Content Plugin enables you to read the full content of articles for feeds that only contain summaries.

Filter Plugin (+)
Filter Plugin (-)

The Filter Plugin enables you to conveniently block unwanted content in feeds that you're subscribed to (for example, if you don't want to see "weekly summary" posts, certain regular announcements, etc.)

TinyURL Plugin (+)
TinyURL Plugin (-)

The TinyURL Plugin works with the Publishing Plugins (Twitter and Blogging Plugins) to enable 1-click shortening of URLs in the content you're preparing to publish.

More URL Shortener Plugins (+)
More URL Shortener Plugins (-)

In addition to TinyURL, Blog Riffer has a plugin for our iaago URL shortening service, plus an unshortener plugin that expands shortened URLs and resolves redirected URLs.

RSS Marketing Secrets (PDF) (+)
RSS Marketing Secrets (PDF) (-)

RSS Marketing Secrets is an eBook that covers a variety of ways to use RSS feeds in your marketing.

CaRP Evolution (+)
CaRP Evolution (-)

The RSS parsing engine for Blog Riffer is a library named CaRP Evolution. Blog Riffer includes the core CaRP Evolution library and its MySQL plugin, which enables CaRP to store data in a MySQL database.

You can also use CaRP Evolution to display content from RSS and Atom feeds on your websites.

CaRP/WP (WordPress Plugin) (+)
CaRP/WP (WordPress Plugin) (-)

CaRP/WP is a WordPress plugin that uses CaRP to display RSS feeds, Amazon affiliate ads, YouTube videos, etc. in your WordPress blog.

Twidget/WP (WordPress Plugin) (+)
Twidget/WP (WordPress Plugin) (-)

Twidget/WP is a WordPress plugin that displays your latest Twitter tweets in a WordPress sidebar widget.

Lifetime membership in our exclusive blog network (+)
Lifetime membership in our exclusive blog network (-)

Use it to find and be found by other bloggers who are using Blog Riffer. Then use Blog Riffer to quote and "Riff" on each others' blog posts, building links and relationships with other bloggers in your industry.

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