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How to Subscribe to an RSS Feed in Blog Riffer

Update: Blog Riffer now has a "bookmarklet" you can use to skip the copy and paste step described below - just open the RSS feed in your browser and click a link to go straight to the subscription form.

  1. When you visit a webpage that has an RSS feed (like a blog), your browser may display an RSS icon in the address bar. You may also see an RSS icon or link in the webpage itself. Click either the icon on the link. If you click the icon in the address bar, you may see a list of feeds -- select any RSS or Atom feed:

  2. Your browser will display the feed (...unless it's configured to handle feeds differently, in which case you'll need to go back to the webpage, right-click a link or icon on the page, and select "Copy link location" from the popup menu). Copy the address of the feed from your browser's address bar:

  3. Click the "+" icon in Blog Riffer's menu bar, and the subscription form will appear below. Paste the feed address into the top field, select the folder you want to put the feed in (if any), and click "Subscribe":

  4. You are now subscribed to the feed, and any new items will start appearing in your headline list soon.

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